Tuesday, August 16th, 2022
Alarm sounding in Number One Hill. On arrival firefighters were met and told someone was cooking and alarm sounded.
Monday, August 15th, 2022
Units responded to a motorcycle accident with injuries in Wyatt Hollow. On arrival firefighters aided the patient and then assisted loading the patient. Rescue was utilized for lighting.
Sunday, August 14th, 2022
Engine 20 and 9 responded to Straight Row for an alarm sounding. Firefighters made a walk through. A thermal Imaging Camera utilized. Nothing found and units returned to station.
Thursday, August 11th, 2022
EMS call to Burdine Road. On arrival firefighters aided the patient and then assisted EMS.
Thursday, June 10th, 2021
Ladder 22 was sold to Clark County KY. Hope the Mack will have many more years with it's new owner.
Wednesday, June 5th, 2019
Congratulations goes to several members. Firefighter Denise Taylor graduated from college, Jr Firefighter Cameron Triplett becomes a freshman and Firefifhter Matthew Corbett received his EMT Intermedi...
Monday, December 17th, 2018
The Jenkins Fire Department had the yearly awards dinner on Dec 17, 2018. Awards given included 5 yr service to Roy Triplett and Matt Anderson, 10 yr service to Matthew Corbett, 15 year to Elijah Davi...
Saturday, September 16th, 2017
New member of the fire department family. Firefighter Matthew Corbett and wife Heather had a baby girl Kathryn Julianna Corbett borned Aug. 20, 2017. She is also the grand daughter of Chief Corbett.
Call history
Friday, November 18th, 2016
1) Firefighters responded to the Raven Rock Golf Course to a fire nearing a gas tank. On arrival firefighters used Engine 9 lines to quickly extinguish the hillside fire.2) Firefighters got another call to Raven Rock Golf Course.
Friday, November 18th, 2016
A tree fell and began to set the woods on fire on Crown Hill. Polaris and hand tools quickly extinguished the fire. Engine 9 was brought in to water down the area.
Wednesday, November 16th, 2016
Firefighters responded to assist a resident on Humble Hill.
Monday, November 14th, 2016
1) Motor assist at the Family Dollar store.2) Firefighters responded to an EMS call in Marshal's Branch. On arrival firefighters assisted EMS.
Sunday, November 13th, 2016
Responded to a motor assist on US 23 South.2) Firefighter responded to the Amphitheater to check for a forest fire. Some dead branches were still burning in a burned area.3) Firefighters responded to Mountain Breeze Apartments to an EMS call.
Saturday, November 12th, 2016
1) Firefighters responded to Number 6 Hollow for a forest fire to find the fire was at Premiere Subdivision and was a tree stump in a burned out area.2)Motor assist at the Double Kwick.3) Motor assist on US 23 North.4) EMS call to Joes Branch.
Thursday, November 10th, 2016
Firefighter responded to check the area of the old railroad tunnel for a possible forest fire rekindle. Firefighter checked the area and found nothing.
Wednesday, November 9th, 2016
1) Firefighters returned to Wrights Hollow to find the rubbish fire burning again. Firefighters contained the fire and let it burn the remaining rubbish.2) Firefighters responded to Forest Hills to extinguish hot spots.3) Firefighters returned to Forest Hills to extinguish hot spots.4) Firefighters ...
Tuesday, November 8th, 2016
1) Firefighters responded to Crown Hill to the forest fire.2)Firefighters responded to hot spots on Wheaton Hollow.3) Firefighters were paged again for a structure fire in Wrights hollow to find the fire was a rubbish pile.
Monday, November 7th, 2016
1) Firefighters responded to Brickyard Hill to a forest fire.2)Firefighters responded to Little Oak St to a forest fire.3)Firefighters responded again to Little Oak St to forest fire.4) Firefighters responded to Wrights Hollow to a forest fire.5) Units responded to HWY 805 for a forest fire to find ...
Sunday, November 6th, 2016
1) Firefighters responded to Wheaton Hollow to a forest fire.2) Firefighters responded to Brickyard Hill to a forest fire.3) Firefighters responded to Cove Ave to a forest fire.4) Firefighters were cancelled while enroute to Wheaton Hollow.
Saturday, November 5th, 2016
1) Firefighters responded to a tanker accident on US 23. On arrival gasoline was leaking from tank. Firefighters began to contain the leak and block the roadway. Traffic was eventually directed to HWY 805.
Friday, November 4th, 2016
1) Fire Units responded to Number 1 Hollow to a report of forest fire near homes. On arrival the fire was observed and was away from structures.2) Unit patrolled HWY 805 to check on the forest fire near Number 3 Hollow.3) Engine 9 responded to Raven Rock to fire nearing cabin.
Thursday, November 3rd, 2016
1) Fire units patrolled HWY 805 in the early hours to watch the many fires in the area.2) Units responded to Wheaton Hollow to a brush fire behind a house. Firefighters utilized attack lines and hand tolls to bring the fire under control.3)Firefighters returned to Premier to water down hillside near...
Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016
1) Firefighters responded to a car fire on Smokey Row to find there was no car but the hillside on fire. Firefighters utilized Engine 20 to extinguish some of the fire. Firefighters followed a path on hillside to make a fire break to protect some structures.
Sunday, October 30th, 2016
Firefighters were called to a two vehicle accident at the junction of HWY 805 and 3086. When arrived at firehouse firefighters could tell address was incorrect. Units responded on 3086 to US 23 where the vehicles were found.
Sunday, October 30th, 2016
Firefighters responded to a tree in roadway on HWY 805 after vehicles had stopped and notified the firefighters. Firefighters removed the tree from roadway.
Saturday, October 29th, 2016
Firefighter were called to an EMS call on Straight Row when cancelled.
Friday, October 28th, 2016
1) Firefighters responded to an EMS call on Cottage Row2) When leaving scene someone yelled to come to neighbors house there was another EMS call.
Thursday, October 27th, 2016
1) Firefighters responded to an EMS call on Goodwater Circle.2) Firefighters responded to Little Oak Street to an EMS Call

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