Tuesday, August 16th, 2022
Alarm sounding in Number One Hill. On arrival firefighters were met and told someone was cooking and alarm sounded.
Monday, August 15th, 2022
Units responded to a motorcycle accident with injuries in Wyatt Hollow. On arrival firefighters aided the patient and then assisted loading the patient. Rescue was utilized for lighting.
Sunday, August 14th, 2022
Engine 20 and 9 responded to Straight Row for an alarm sounding. Firefighters made a walk through. A thermal Imaging Camera utilized. Nothing found and units returned to station.
Thursday, August 11th, 2022
EMS call to Burdine Road. On arrival firefighters aided the patient and then assisted EMS.
Thursday, June 10th, 2021
Ladder 22 was sold to Clark County KY. Hope the Mack will have many more years with it's new owner.
Wednesday, June 5th, 2019
Congratulations goes to several members. Firefighter Denise Taylor graduated from college, Jr Firefighter Cameron Triplett becomes a freshman and Firefifhter Matthew Corbett received his EMT Intermedi...
Monday, December 17th, 2018
The Jenkins Fire Department had the yearly awards dinner on Dec 17, 2018. Awards given included 5 yr service to Roy Triplett and Matt Anderson, 10 yr service to Matthew Corbett, 15 year to Elijah Davi...
Saturday, September 16th, 2017
New member of the fire department family. Firefighter Matthew Corbett and wife Heather had a baby girl Kathryn Julianna Corbett borned Aug. 20, 2017. She is also the grand daughter of Chief Corbett.
Call history
Monday, March 2nd, 2015
1)Firefighters called to assist police in a matter but when enroute, firefighters were told to cancel that everything was OK.2) Firefighters delivered water to Marshals Branch area due to water outage.
Sunday, March 1st, 2015
1) EMS requested firefighters to assist lifting a patient.
Friday, February 27th, 2015
1) Firefighters transported water to Marshal's Branch due to water outage.2) Firefighters transported water to LKLP Headstart in Dairy Hollow due to water outage.3) Motor assist in Number 1 Bottom.4) Firefighters delivered water to Fairway Drive due to water outage.
Thursday, February 26th, 2015
1) Firefighters notified of a tree fallen on a trailer on HWY 805. On arrival firefighters checked the grounds and found no tree but a large pile of snow and ice had fallen from the roof. Firefighters told the resident and reassured her that there was no trees close to the home.2) Firefighter was re...
Wednesday, February 25th, 2015
1) Firefighters were dispatch in early morning to HWY 805 at Gracie's Closet. The paged requested EMS at a water line burst and water going everywhere. On arrival firefighters found a water line at building had broke .
Tuesday, February 24th, 2015
1Firefighters called to Williams Street to an EMS call. Firefighters monitored patient until EMS arrived and then assisted with loading the patient.2)Firefighters responded to HWY 805 to assist an elderly citizen down the driveway and into the residence.3)Firefighters transported a citizen back to r...
Monday, February 23rd, 2015
Firefighters only received one call today. Firefighters responded to Goodwater Street to free a vehicle from the snow and clear the roadway.
Sunday, February 22nd, 2015
1) Firefighters responded to High Street to assist EMS crews in moving a patient.2)Firefighters responded to Cove Road to clear snow for a resident to allow her to go to the grocery store.3)Vehicle stuck in snow on Lakeside Drive.
Saturday, February 21st, 2015
1) A water line broke in the early morning hours in Mountain Breeze Apts. Firefighters responded and contacted maintenance to fix the problem.2)Firefighters delivered groceries to a resident of Rocky Hollow.3) Ladder 22 was utilize to get to ice on the City Hall building.
Friday, February 20th, 2015
Temperature dropped to -17 degrees. Firefighters continued to receive calls.1)A vehicle was in the creek in Booker Branch. Firefighters responded and pulled the vehicle out of the creek.2) A male needed transportation to residence in Seco.3) Motor assist in the parking lot of Community Trust Bank.4)...
Thursday, February 19th, 2015
1)Vehicle stuck and resident requested ride to the bank.2and 3)A local church fixed food and firefighters transported the food to Williams Circle and Pine LN.4)Firefighters were contacted at the firehouse about employees of the Dollar General Store was smelling something burning.
Wednesday, February 18th, 2015
1) Gave a ride from an employee at Double Kwick to residence in McRoberts.2)Took heating fuel and groceries to a resident in Payne Gap3) While enroute with groceries, firefighters pushed a vehicle from a snow bank on US 23.4)Gave a resident of Pine Lane a ride to the grocery store.5) Went to the gro...
Tuesday, February 17th, 2015
1) Polaris responded to HWY 805 to assist in shoveling out a sidewalk.2) Took an elderly resident to a store for groceries.3)Picked up a worker and delivered him to the Double Kwick4)Delivered water to a resident on Pine Lane that had the water line frozen.
Monday, February 16th, 2015
Jenkins area had over 15 inches of snow fall and members stayed busy.1)Delivered heating fuel to a resident on HWY 805.2) Delivered medication to a resident in Mountain Breeze.3) Responded to a vehicle accident on US 23.
Monday, February 16th, 2015
1) Firefighters took needed items to a resident in Mountain Breeze that could not get out due to the snow.2)Firefighters responded to HWY 805 to remove a stuck vehicle.
Sunday, February 15th, 2015
Firefighters responded to US 23 North to assist with traffic control until the truck could be removed.
Saturday, February 14th, 2015
1) Firefighters responded with Engine 20 to assist with traffic control for a funeral.2)Firefighters responded to HWY 3086 to a vehicle accident. Firefighters assisted with traffic control until vehicle was removed.3)Firefighters responded to US 23 and removed 3 vehicles from roadway to open the hig...
Friday, February 13th, 2015
1) Police notified fire department of a vehicle fire on HWY 3086 at the storage buildings. Firefighters responded and utilized an attack line from Engine 20 to quickly extinguish the remaining fire.2) Firefighters responded to junction of US 23 and HWY 805 to a motor assist.3) Someone stopped at fir...
Thursday, February 12th, 2015
Firefighters responded to a vehicle accident on HWY 3086. On arrival firefighters checked the driver and EMS arrived and patient care transferred. Firefighters assisted with traffic control until vehicle was removed.
Wednesday, February 11th, 2015
Engine 9 Ladder 22 and Truck 21 responded to a structure fire on Wet Drive in Payne Gap. On arrival firefighters found a fire in the breaker box area. Firefighters extinguished the main fire with a dry chemical fire extinguisher.

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